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Music Ministry

Faith Formation

Youth Ministry

Rev. Msgr. Xavier Pappu
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2103
Phone: 903-295-7558 (res.)


Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x2102

Nayeli Gonzalez
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2101

Beth Kennedy
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2107

Freeda Dasaiyan
Phone: 903-295-3890  x 2105

Cindy Starr (High School)
Becky Anguiano (Middle School)
Phone: 903-295-3890 x 2106

This Week


Dec. 10:

Women's ACTS Faith Sharing; 7:00 pm, room # 37

ACTS Rosary; 7:00 pm, Chapel

Servidoras de Glpe; 10:00 am Salon Parro.

Cursilllos; 7:00 pm,Salon Parroquial

NUeva Evangelizacion; 7:00 pm, Salon #14


Mens ACTS Faith Sharing; 6:00 am, PH

Adoration; 7:30 am-5:45 pm, Chapel

St. Vincent de Paul Society; 5:00 pm, Room 11

Dec. 13:

Crecimiento; 7 pm, Salon # 13 & 15

Grupo COmpartiendo la Fe; 7 pm, salon # 14






Weekly Message

Immaculate Conception and

Protecting the Innocent


Dear brothers and sisters,

This week we are celebrating two great and importance feasts of the Catholics:  The Immaculate Conception of Mary, and Our Lady of Guadalupe. These two feasts proclaim the message of protection of the unborn and the innocent.

Pope Pius IX issued an apostolic constitution, known as the Ineffabilis Deus, on December 8, 1854. This document clarified the importance of the Immaculate Conception in the Catholic Church; and the Blessed Mother confirmed it by her own words, “I am the Immaculate Conception” to Bernadette on March 25, 1858 at Lourdes. She was conceived without original sin, to give birth to Jesus, the Son of God (Lk.1:42-43). 

 She also appeared to Juan Diego on Dec. 9th and 11th, with the name "Guadalupe," which means, "She who breaks, stamps or crushes the serpent," at the time the Aztec Indians were involved in a satanically inspired   Aztec religion which involved human sacrifice. Mary’s appearance also put an end to the worship of stone gods and the ritual of human sacrifice; and led to the conversion of 6,000,000  Aztecs to the Catholic Faith.

We pray for Mary’s help today to bring an end to the human sacrifice of God’s children through abortion and to convert non-believers. Our Lady of Guadalupe is also called the Patroness of the Unborn. The girdle or bow around her waist is a sign of her virginity; The high position of the bow and the slight swelling of the abdomen show that the Lady is "with child." All these encourage us to understand the plan of God for us (Ps 139:13-16, Jer 1:5) and the assistance given by our Mother Mary. So, pray often: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee”.                                                                   

 Msgr. Xavier

We have received "Best of Longview 2016 , 2017 & 2018" 

(The Best Place of Worship Award - THREE Consecutive Years) 

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Bishop Joseph Strickland Letter to NON-Catholics

Special Events in the Parish




Please stop by the Tree and take one or two angels!

 Gift-Giving Sunday: December 15th




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